Smart Buildings

A way to Endless Opportunities

Smart Buildings – Endless Opportunities

In many ways, modern buildings have become a microcosm of the Internet of Every Thing (IoET) universe, showcasing a variety of innovative possibilities presented by the fast-growing technology set.

The demand for smart building keeps growing, as smart buildings are fundamental to the ecosystem of a smart life. But Industry customers are facing challenges in constructing new smart buildings or converting existing ones.

Main challenge for new buildings or the conversion of existing buildings into smart buildings is the added layer of complexity in design, deployment, operations and maintenance new systems imply. While core building systems may not be different in a smart building, the level of monitoring sophistication, significant additional computer, IT and telecommunications hardware and installation and monitoring require a high level of commitment for developers and owners.

Sritta offers one stop shop for smart buildings from design to implementation including full and unrestricted access to the latest technology has to offer.

Sritta actively works with monitoring and sensor companies and can provide exciting solutions for management of almost every area in a building or complex.

Businesses, building managers and construction companies are now quickly adopting Sritta IoET based technologies and connected systems as a means of generating intelligence, improving the efficiency and cost of facilities management and providing tenants, employees and visitors with various better onsite experiences

With all the potential benefits of smart buildings, the market for these technologies is growing—and is expected to continue thriving over many years to come.

Sritta is one of a small number of companies that can deliver on the opportunities in the smart buildings market, can craft a package featuring the right offerings for your building and successfully deliver them.