We offer following Smart Building System services

A Smart Building System should enable the customer to:

  • Identify each field and location
  • Capture, interpret and analyze data collected at an appropriate scale and frequency
  • Adjust management practices and resources in order to get the best possible benefit from each location or segment.

What are the benefits of a Smart Building Systems?

By deploying and operating a IoET based Building Automation System (BAS), owners and operators improve the efficiency and cost of facilities management and provide tenants, employees and visitors with various better onsite experiences.

BAS cut costs, save money, improve efficiency provide an enhanced user experience.

Sritta acknowledges the vulnerability of IoET devices and certain key building management systems and components and works closely with security companies that provide specific protection from malware on the devices at automation level and not just on management levels.

In recent years, the IoET revolution is a key driving factor in the rapid progress of smarter and much more efficient building management. The ability to affix smart sensors and collect up to date data from all components of a building or a complex, bundling, cross referencing and integrating this information into significant files of data which are uploaded to cloud based management systems that are accessible everywhere anytime and allow for selectable quick optimization of reaction, system processes and resources is a true revolution buildings have not experienced in centuries.

Sritta Smart Building Systems are usually based on the following components:

  • Sensors – smart configurable sensors are the key element to the success of a smart building systems and are the main way of gathering data from the different systems of a building. Sensors may be placed throughout buildings and complexes, on electrical and HVAC equipment, attached to fire doors, collect parking occupancy data in real time, adjust lighting automation systems, measure water level in reservoirs and in almost any other application a building operator may think of. These sensors are responsible to deliver the collected data on to the Management System. The quality of sensors is crucial to the success of smart building systems and affects the quality and accuracy of the collected data and its reliability
  • Because building management and operations are comprised of frequently handling sets of multiple components, platform and protocol agnostic sensors which are self-processing and remotely configured which can be combined to collect different types of data on one site and transmit to a self-processing remotely configured gateway sending significant amounts of complied and processed big data to a cloud based management system are the wide angel solution of choice.
  • Cloud Based Information Management Systems – data analytics are the core of every smart building systems. Essentially, they are the brain of the system and apply predictive algorithms and machine learning in order to obtain actionable insights based on the data collected.

To ensure that a smart building system is functioning properly, performs well and handles the significant data load, a solid IT and telecommunications infrastructure must be designed and put in place. Furthermore, security and governance must be a focus – this network must be properly secure to decrease the likeliness of breaking, data theft or even taking control of the system. And, because this hardware will be used in various operational areas of a building, periodic component replacements should be performed to sustain system functionality.

Sritta have access to IoET sensors including the ability to provide configurable, specific acquisition, special and tailor made sensors, actuators, scanners, cameras, data management and analytics, image processing, robotics  and other exciting new technologies enabling Sritta to deliver a more productive, cost efficient, pleasant and sustainable user environment, while better monitoring the most delicate aspects and components of a building thus delivering superior performance while also making significant savings of various limited resources such as energy and even water.

Smart buildings and other intelligent commercial spaces are making bold use of data collected by appliances, devices and IoET sensors to assist in a wide range of positive outcomes.

Connectivity is fundamental to IoET implementation within the smart. In the smart buildings Sritta solutions are based on implementation of LoRa [Long Range wireless technology that offers Long Range, low power and secure data transmission for IoET and M2M (Machine 2 Machine) technologies] while older solutions were LonWorks (a Local Operating Networks platform) based and other common and less advanced connectivity platforms used in BAS are, BACnet, KNX, Modbus and others that are among the various open and proprietary protocols that enable sensors to communicate. 

Sritta acknowledges the vulnerability of IoET devices and certain key building management systems and components and works closely with security companies that provide specific protection from malware on the devices at automation level and not just on management levels.

By deploying and operating a IoET based Building Automation System (BAS) also known as Building Management systems (BMS), owners and operators improve the efficiency and cost of facilities management and provide tenants, employees and visitors with various better onsite experiences.

BAS cut costs, save money, improve efficiency provide an enhanced user experience.

Sritta BAS most broadly refers to creating centralized, networked systems of hardware and software that monitor and control a building’s systems (electricity, lighting, plumbing, HVAC, water supply, etc.)  with advanced designs that are up to fully autonomous solutions that seamlessly control an entire building or facility with minimal human intervention and minimal labor involved.

These modern automation systems are designed to independently monitor and control the electricity, electrical systems, mechanical, plumbing, flood safety and water supply, security, fire safety, lighting, elevators, parking, HVAC,  humidity control and ventilation systems and other energy consuming systems and operations systems in a building or across several campuses.

Sritta BAS core functionality is to automatically and up to fully autonomously monitor, optimize operations of and alert designated facility managers and supervisors of any fault, malfunction or failure in real time improving the efficiency and cost of facilities management and providing tenants, employees and visitors with various better onsite experiences;

Relative to a non-controlled building, a building with a Sritta BAS has lower energy and maintenance costs.

Most common building areas managed by BAS

While Sritta is fully capable to provide full scale design, deployment and installation including all systems components, devices, data lines, IT and telecommunications products, we also offer partial scalable solutions.

From monitoring parking and premises access, multiple environmental parameters, security alarm and fire detection, or just monitoring temperature, measuring air quality and lights, detecting occupancy, collecting consumption of various energy consuming systems in real time or data from the elevators to monitoring position and rection for calls, Sritta is a one stop shop gateway to smart building management like never before.

Mechanical, plumbing, flood safety and water supply, security, fire safety, parking, HVAC, humidity control and ventilation systems and other energy.

Sritta IoET BAS include:

Energy Management Systems (EMS) – As energy costs continue to rise, operating costs for energy hungry buildings also increase. For many owners, operators and businesses, reducing these costs is a priority and with energy saving policies becoming compulsory, energy reduction has become increasingly important.
Sritta EMS monitor and optimize energy consuming elements – electrical systems, electricity supply, elevators traffic efficiency, lighting shut down in vacant spaces, solar panels performance where available and water supply pumps.

Sritta HVAC – monitor systems efficiency and cross reference with occupancy detectors, alert for open windows and hatches, optimize quality of air, alert for filter due for replacement

Sritta maintains that when facilities are monitored and controlled in a seamless fashion, this creates a much more reliable working environment for the building’s tenants. Furthermore, the efficiency introduced through automation allows the building’s facility management team to adopt more sustainable practices and reduce energy costs.

Sritta Safety & Security Systems (4S) – integrate monitoring for CCTV cameras, video surveillance with built-in AI, proximity sensors, electric doors and garage and services doors lockdown, lobby security scanners, premises access (facial recognition, fingerprints, access cards, authorizations and anomalies).
Sritta acknowledges the vulnerability of IoET devices and certain key building management systems and components and works closely with security companies that provide specific protection from malware on the devices at automation level and not just on management levels.

Sritta Fire Detection (SFD) – fire and safety systems are designed to detect the outbreak of fires and provide warning, for example by sounding alarm bells throughout the building. An automatic fire alarm system for buildings has a receiver that detects when one of the connected sensors is triggered by a fire. The system then alerts the building occupants by sounding alarm bells or voice alarms throughout the building. SFD monitors fire door (open / close), fire and smoke sensors, CO2 sensors sprinklers systems, status and operations

Sritta Waste Management and Recirculation (SWMR) – We at Sritta know that how a building is designed will ultimately influence the operational efficiency of the waste collection program, the cost of servicing the program and the diversion rate. SWMR can monitor garbage and waste disposal at floor level as well as collective ground bins. Sritta can monitor presence and location of mobile and floor bins, alert when a designated floor or ground bin is full or close to full and requires clearing. SWMR monitors clogging on garbage chutes, waste segregation, waste and bin collections centers and storage facilities, entrance and exit of trucks Access – and more alerting designated staff to take action when needed, keep the premises clean, storage rooms properly ventilated and at less than full capacity, service providers cost at minimum and customer satisfaction at maximum.

Monitoring property facial recognition access authorization, mail room – full automation, scan and ID, highly efficient systems…

Sritta Smart Parking Management (SSPM) – Sritta brings much desired innovation and sophistication into parking lot management optimizing and boosting parking lot efficiency, utilizing ALL available parking spot ALL the time and guiding customers on to these spots swiftly and quickly. SSPM sensors show available parking spots, license plate recognition facilitates entrance, payment collection and exit, CCTV with AI monitor safety, open and close garage doors where applicable and revenue is maximized.

Almost all multi-story buildings and building complexes can be adjusted and modernized to accommodate a Building automation system (BAS) for various systems and components, most notably the energy, HVAC, security and water and sewage management elements.  

Electrical devices demand optimization and response which is a typical function of a BAS, as is the more sophisticated ventilation and humidity monitoring required of insulated buildings. Many buildings also use as many low-power DC devices as possible, typically integrated with power over Ethernet wiring, so by definition always accessible to a BAS through the Ethernet connectivity.

A basic scheme of a BAS looks as follows:


IoET – Internet of Every-Thing

IoET sensors are the key element for Bas systems. IoET platforms function and deliver various kinds of intelligence and data using a variety of sensors. They serve to collect data, pushing it and sharing it with a whole network of connected devices. All this collected data makes it possible for devices to autonomously function, and the whole ecosystem is becoming “smarter” every day.

By combining a set of sensors and a communication network, devices share information with one another and are improving their effectiveness and functionality.

IoET sensors monitor temperature, humidity, heat, light, proximity, pressure, air quality, water quality, presence of gases, smoke, fluid levels, motion and a multitude of other configurable parameters a BAS requires for optimized building management.

Sritta offers a building conversion program that allows owners and operators deploy partial elements of our building automation systems to suite their specific needs.

Sritta will craft a tailor-made solution for any premises and any building or complex that will optimize system’s performance, lower costs and create a better environment for tenants and users.
Sritta BAS will manage building components of choice through IoET Sensor based controllers:

  • Elevator traffic and optimize their operations,
  • Building security, CCTV, and access authorizations.
  • Fire alarms and smoke detectors
  • Keep building climate within a specified range,
  • Manage fresh air and ventilation systems,
  • Light rooms based on an occupancy schedule,
  • Monitor waste management
  • Oversee performance and device failures in all systems,
  • Sritta BAS optimize use of parking spaces in a building’s parking lot,

Sritta IoET based BAS reduce building energy and maintenance costs compared to a non-controlled building. Through energy and insurance savings and other savings associated with pre-emptive maintenance and quick detection of issues Sritta BAS are favored with owners and management teams.

Sritta provides and easy to use, friendly dashboard for on premises and remote handling and system management. Sritta dashboard is configurable and can be set to the highest resolution providing readouts of a specific sensor. Sritta BAS provide web-based alerts, admin authorizations, action modes, notifications centers, digital assistance, auto call and notification to various designated emergency services and support companies as well as operational decision support data.